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Video chat

Video Chat activation

In order to be able to exploit the video chat in your Livechat sessions, you must first activate the module in the configuration of your chatbox.

  1. Go to Integration >Web >Dialog box.

  2. Create a new configuration or modify an existing configuration.

  3. Click Show advanced view to get all the existing modules and go to the module.chatbox.videochat module.

  4. If the module is not activated, the button is red. Click on this button to activate the module which will change to green.

    Note that you can also proceed to configure the module.

  5. Save your changes and save your configuration.

  6. Then go to Livechat parameters >General.

  7. In the Dashboard options sub-menu, check the Use Chat Video box.

  8. Click Update.

Operator-side operation

The operator can request a video chat from the operator interface.

To do so, click on the menu at the bottom of the dialog window and click Video chat.

If the user accepts the video chat, the video chat will open. You can then manage your video and audio parameters.

To end the video chat, click Close video-chat.

User-side usage

The user cannot make a video call request. They will receive a notification if the operator requests it. They can then accept the video dialog or refuse it. If they accept, the video chat will be initiated and will appear on the bot window.

Like the operator, the user can end the video dialog at any time.