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Erisa Ristani

What are we shipping πŸŒŸβ€‹

Consultation spaces are now available on your dydubox​

And how can this help me as a knowledge manager? This feature can be helpful when you need to create a chatbot for a specific consultation space. For example, have a chatbot for the not-connected users of your website. -> Check out our documentation to know how.

Be aware that our chatbot can also be intelligent and trigger the right consultation space according to your requirements, but you will need the help of your developers. You can find more information on our functional documentation

Manage the sections of the contact tab of your chatbot​

Hey developers, you can now manage the display of the three sections of the contact tab of your chatbot from the CSS editor on Channels. Clic here to learn more

Edit only one file for the chatbot label​

Knowledge managers, we know that chatbot labels editing from dydubox are not very simple. We are working on it, and we shipped the first improvement recently. If you have a chatbot with more than one language, when you download the labels of your chatbot, you will have a file with all the languages integrated into it. To work on a given language, check the name of the tabs on the excel file.

Life is not only about enhancements. We also correct bugs πŸžβ€‹

  • You can now delete the timer of a knowledge.
  • The user feedback is back in the Analytics menu.
  • The filters of the Dialogs page were reset when opening a dialog on a new tab. It is now corrected!
  • It is now possible to delete the global sentence for Links open in new tabs.
  • When changing a knowledge tag from a dialog: the initial dialog's list inherits the tag as a filter.
  • User information was not provided at the first dialog interaction when using Teams. It is now OK!
  • Welcome sentence and dialog history are now correctly displayed on the chatbot.

Announcements πŸ“£β€‹

  • Our Long Term Support version of July was out Wednesday. πŸ“© Check out your mail inboxes to see what is new!
  • We will be there for you, but we will not do any updates during august. 🏝️

FYI πŸ“Œβ€‹

  • Do not forget, for your feedback, you can drop a note on our Product portal