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Operator Interface

Livechat Interface Manager:

This icon allows you to access the Livechat manager interface.

Note: this interface is only accessible to users with Livechat manager rights.

Operator statuses:

  • Connected: allows you to receive new dialogs;
  • On break: no assignment of new dialogs;
  • Training: no assignment of new dialogs;
  • Phone: no assignment of new dialogs;
  • Talking with supervisor: no assignment of new dialogs;
  • No new dialog: when the operator is running a complicated dialog, he can set this status to not be assigned new dialogs;
  • Looking for information: when the operator switches to this status, the user sees that they are looking for information. If the operator takes time to get back to the dialog, the user is sent a notification to indicate that the operator is still looking for information.

Queued dialogs:

This is the number of dialogs currently queued.

Monitored dialogs:

This icon allows you to create monitored dialogs. You will find more information on this page.

Dialogs tabs (2)

This bar displays new dialogs tabs. We recommend to limit the operators to 3 dialogs at the same time to avoid too long waiting time for users.

Click the tab and the dialog opens.

The waiting time is the time since the last question asked by the user.

When a new dialog arrives, it appears as a new flashing red tab at the top of the bar.

Click this tab to view the dialog. You can now view the history and talk with the user.

If several operators are online, a new icon will appear next to the cross and will allow you to close the dialog.

This also allows you to view the list of other operators that are online. Click on one of the operators to transfer the dialog to him. The operator receives the dialog with a message indicating who has transferred the dialog.

The white cross closes the dialog.

Dialog window (3)

The dialog history is displayed here. It is also the space where you can follow the current dialog with the user.

The operator can:

  • Print the dialog;

  • Send the dialog by email;

  • Mark the dialog as "Important".

    The operator can also request help via the icon, which allows him to get in touch with a manager if they need help with a complex problem.

    The icon allows you to send a survey to the user during the dialog. This survey will open on the user side in a sidebar. The operator can choose from a drop-down list the survey they want to send.

    The operator has also access to a toolbar to format its answers. It is also possible for him to add hyperlinks via the icon, to access the gallery () or to import files via the icon.

Knowledge search (4)

You can search for an answer in the bot knowledge base automatically via the Find knowledge tab.

You have to click on one of the suggested knowledge and the answer autocompletes in the operator's answer field.

You can also start searching for a related knowledge by clicking on the arrow.

In addition, if you have created predefined answers, you can find them here and use them by clicking on them or thanks to the shortcuts you have possibly programmed.

User's information (5)

If the user is identified, you can have the following information: name, contact information, contract start date, payment method, etc.

It should be noted that this information is configurable.

Operator transfers

An operator can transfer a dialog if other operators are connected. Once these conditions are met, an icon appears.

Click this button to transfer the current dialog. Then select the operator to whom the dialog will be transferred then leave him eventually a message if you wish. Click Ok.

The second operator, who recovers the dialog, will see a new tab with the symbol of an arrow to indicate that it is a transferred dialog.

Switches to backup server

During your Livechat sessions, the operator interface may encounter various errors due to a problem on the main server. This will cause various impacts on Livechat sessions:

  • Can not refresh page;
  • Display an error on the operator's screen;
  • Impossibility to use operator features (print, video chat, etc.);
  • Unable to change operator status;
  • Sent messages not received by the user;
  • No new incoming dialog;
  • Etc.

So that operators can continue their business, each operator must switch manually to the backup server. To do so, simply go to app2.

More concretely, if you are currently on, go to - you can resume your activity. However, it is important to mention that switching to the backup server will not allow you to resume dialogs initiated on the main server.

When the main server is accessible again, a banner will appear on your screen and allow you to go directly back to the main server.