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Getting started

When you first connect to the platform, you will find yourself on the getting started page.

The menu is at the left of your page. By default, the menu is persistent but you can deactivate this option via the Keep menu open option at the bottom of the menu. If the persistence is deactivated, click on to display the main menu which will allow you to access the main features of the platform.

Feel free to browse these different menus, including the Dashboard which gives you an overall overview of the status of your bot through useful information about your knowledge, your bot analytics and the important actions to be carried out.

Depending on your rights on the platform and modules deployed on the configuration of your bot, the menus that are accessible to you can be significantly different.

Please note that you can also click on the icons to pin the pages for which you want to get a shortcut without even having to click on the main menu.

To configure your account, click at the top right of your account name and click Account.

You will be able to modify various parameters and modify the default language of your platform.

Important: this is not the language of your bot but only the platform. You can, for example, enrich the knowledge of a bot in English by working from the platform in French.

It is also here that you will be able to manage your email subscription (activity notifications, alerts, etc.).