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Create and publish your chatbot

There are many ways to contact a bot. The dydu BMS offers the possibility to customize and deploy its bot on several platforms/channels allowing it to be present where its users are.

As part of an omnichannel strategy, the bot can also hand over to a human for more complex requests requiring special attention. It then becomes an augmented assistant for the teams.

This section describes the different possibilities of deployment and customization of the bot interface to make it accessible to end users.


To make its customers even more autonomous in the deployment of their chatbot on their intranet or website, dydu provides access, through the BMS, to the dyduBox: an interface for configuring, customizing and integrating the front-end of its chatbot (called also chatbox) on its website.

To have more details on how to deploy your chatbot through dydubox, follow this link


The dydu bots can also be made available on Teams as an application. Thus, the dydu BMS offers the possibility to configure its Teams bot application directly from the BMS through the Channels menu.

Follow this link to know how to create Teams configuration.

Dialog box (deprecated)


This version is still available and supported but will not be further developed. The new version is available here


This section and configuration page is only accessible for accounts with "Super User" rights.

To deploy your bot, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the main menu:

  2. Go to Integration > Dialog box:

  1. Create a new configuration by clicking Add or select an existing one. Note: this page allows you to configure all the modules of your bot.

  2. To deploy your bot, click at the top of the page on the button:

Then click Deploy to test CDN or Deploy to CDN. A Url will then be available just below the toolbar.

You can also deploy your configuration as a test first to perform initial tests before validating your configuration. You can create as many configurations as you want.

If you want to test your deployed bot,

  1. Click the deployed URL that appears at the top of the configuration page (after deployment).

  2. Click Click here to test sample.debug.html.

  3. Click the dialog box to test the configuration.