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Javascript actions

GUI actions

GUI action customization is available from Integration > Javascript actions.

This page allows you to customize your graphical interface by implementing javascript elements for your bot. Note that some GUI actions are already predefined and exploitable within your knowledge.

To do so, click Add.

Add the name of your new item and enter the associated javascript code.

Click the blue tick to validate the operation.

Use a GUI action (practical case of changing the placeholder at the query of a knowledge)

You can use your GUI actions within your knowledge from the answer window. In the practical case below, you will be able to define a GUI action to modify the placeholder of your bot after triggering a specific knowledge. This can be useful if you want to tell the user to enter their email address.

  1. From the answer window, click More options then click the Other options tab.

  2. Click the icon on the right of Define a GUI action then select the action CustomPlaceHolder.

  3. Click the arrow on the right of the set GUI action and enter the title of the placeholder that you want to display after triggering the knowledge.

  4. Click Update then click Update again to validate the changes. Your placeholder will be edited when this knowledge is called.

    Note: It is not possible to test this GUI action from the test bot. To test and validate the correct operation of changing your placeholder to the call of a knowledge, please test the knowledge on your bot from a URL test (on the configuration page of your bot).